Create a new CDA Model Project

Create a new model project supporting a CDA IG
  1. Start the CDA Model project wizard. File > New Project > Model Driven Health Tools > New CDA Model
  2. Click Next button.
  3. Define Implementation Guide
    1. Set Implementation Guide Namespace, for example MyTestModel
    2. Set Document Name, for example MyTestDocument
    3. Select base document type, for example cda::ClinicalDocument
    4. Set optional Template ID for document, for example 1.22.333.4.55555.66.77.8
    5. Set optional Assigning Authority for Template ID, for example MyOrganization

    MDHT automatically pre-populates the Document Base Package and generates a Namespace URI based on it. You are able to customize the base package naming and the URI will be update accordingly.

    You can also customize the prefix use for the Java API. The prefix is used in the java generation process and defines the pattern of the EMF Factory and Package names.

  4. Click Finish button.

    This will start the model creation process and will create three projects, model, doc, and java.

After succesful completion, you will have three new projects in your workspace, org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.mytestmodel.model project which contains the uml model of the implementation guide, org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.mytestmodel.doc project which is used for publication, and org.openhealthtools.mdht.uml.mytestmodel project which contains the java implementation.

MDHT provides an automated build feature which will update your java and documentaion projects based on changes to the UML model. To manual trigger the build process you can execute a clean build by Project > Clean then select either or both of the java and documentation projects. You can also run the build process manually, see Manually Generate Java and Manualy Generate DITA.