Install MDHT 1.2 All-In-One

MDHT Rel 1.2 .0 The ZIP archive (approximately 293 MB) is for Windows and contains a complete Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) workbench with MDHT plug-ins and all pre-requisites. The all-in-one is pre-configured with MDHT Subversion location to update models. You will need is an OHT site account to login to Subversion.

  1. Download the MDHT Release 1.2 All-In-One Zip File (
  2. Unzip this to a local directory using a utility such as 7-Zip. Windows Compressed Folders Extraction Wizard has problems with some of the large file names. Please ensure that the directory name does not contain space, - , # etc.
  3. Start Eclipse by double clicking <unzip-directory>\MDHT_CDATools_ 1.2 .0\eclipse\eclipse.exe. Select the pre-configured workspace ‘workspace-console’ in the Workspace Launcher.

    MDHT_CDATools_1.2 is pre-configured with two workspace options Workspace-consol: Incorporated consolidated CDA model in support of US Meaningful Use stage 2 Workspace-ccd: incorporates legacy models including C-32 and IHE PCC